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John Henry Architect, based in Orlando Florida, offers Commercial and Residential design services for a variety of projects: Health care facilities, Hospitality - Hotels/Resorts/Theme Parks, Office and Convention/Music centers, Religious/Churches, New Urbanism Planned Communities, Restaurants/Shopping Malls, Single and multi-family.  We can provide Schematic or Conceptual design only or produce Design Development drawings to advance the design into Construction  Documents.  US or World wide clientele please request a proposal by attaching program requirements and emailing here.  We are AIA members and hold NCARB certification: Texas, Florida, Illinois, Delaware



New Projects Medical

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Speculative Office Building on restrictive lot required parking at grade in order to maximize leasable space, above

RyanHenry Austin Off spec.JPG (1257089 bytes)

Portfolio B. Office buildings, Church and Religious structures, Shopping Mall, Interior design Click here to see Portfolio C

High Rise Luxury Condominium/Condo Tower with covered parking, concierge, ball room, pool, offices, conference room, kitchen at mezzanine level with 18-20 stories above at 11-15,000 SF per level.  Penthouse suite with over the top amenities.   Special panel system with interstitial utility subfloor.

Themed Art Deco entry gate (right above) for Scottsdale subdivision







(left) Multistory Office Building, speculative, for Congress Ave. Austin, Texas

Post Modern style with granite facing and limestone details

Narrow lot with requirements of parking garage on site.

Small congregational church building for Church of Christ.

Restaurant gallery concept, above

Live Oak Inn, motel above --- 30 unit multifamily design off of Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas

  Shopping Mall interior design concept, above


Programming and Site Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Conceptual Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Specifications and Contract Administration.  In addition, we can provide Leasing Plans, Town and Community Planning, Landscape Architecture, Remodeling, and Interior Architecture.

Project Types:  R&D facilities, Commercial Office and Retail, Restaurant/ Food Services, Multifamily, Resort and Theme Facilities, Ecotourism and Streetscape, Hotel and Motel, Healthcare, and Residential.

We are Florida and Texas based with offices in Orlando Florida and Austin Texas.  Florida and Texas Architects licensed to practice in all states accepting NCARB certification.  Please contact us to describe your project and receive a design proposal. 


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