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John Henry Architect, based in Orlando Florida, offers Commercial and Residential design services for a variety of projects: Health care facilities, Hospitality - Hotels/Resorts/Theme Parks, Office and Convention/Music centers, Religious/Churches, New Urbanism Planned Communities, Restaurants/Shopping Malls, Single and multi-family.  We can provide Schematic or Conceptual design only or produce Design Development drawings to advance the design into Construction  Documents.  US or World wide clientele please request a proposal by attaching program requirements and emailing here.  We are AIA members and hold NCARB certification.



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Urban Planning New Towns, Community Design, Resort Destinations, Ecotourism

See New Cultural Urbanism: EuroDesign Town Planning

Southeast Asian Village theme, above

Red Sea Mediterranean Destination Resort complex, above see Resorts for more information.

Mixed use resort development concept, above

Golf Resort Clubhouse concept, above

Master Planning, Commercial Office Site

 Integrated Golf Course design

 Town Center Concept, above

Street signage concept, above


Hillary four corners xx

 Above: Mixed use Commercial, Hospitality, Housing Project for Four Corners, Orlando

San Ant panorama.JPG (795224 bytes)

Top: Waterfront development scheme for San Antonio

Villa designs for Mediterranean style Community, above

Red Sea Destination Resort with Marina Village Center, Hotels, Villa Condos, complete infrastructure, see Resorts for more information.


Large scale Religious, Information, Theme, Campus Islamic Center, above

Town Center boulevard concept, above

John Henry Architect believes that the lessons learned from Old Urbanism, that is: European and United States planning of towns and cities prior to 1940, is more successful at integrating functions and creating truly livable communities than current trends in New Town planning

Community density study, above.

Tennis facility, below

 Rustic Community Center, below


 Programming and Site Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Conceptual Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Specifications and Contract Administration.  In addition, we can provide Leasing Plans, Town and Community Planning, Landscape Architecture, Remodeling, and Interior Architecture.

Project Types:  R&D facilities, Commercial Office and Retail, Restaurant/ Food Services, Multifamily, Resort and Theme Facilities, Ecotourism and Streetscape, Hotel and Motel, Healthcare, and Residential.

We are Florida and Texas based with offices in Orlando Florida and Austin Texas.  Florida and Texas Architects licensed to practice in all states accepting NCARB certification.  Please contact us to describe your project and receive a design proposal.



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